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Prompt: the in-between
Pairing: Hyukjae/? (can be interpreted as Hyukmin, I guess)
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Summary: Hyukjae sat alone today. | 347 words |

A/N: there was supposed to be a connection between the story and the prompt I swear but it got lost as I typed. OTL. unbetaed and both first drafts OTL

Hyukjae sat alone today, the usual gum-filled smile absent from his face as he stared unseeingly past the empty seat beside his and out to the subdued colors that flew out of his sight before he could discern what form they took.

It’s probably snowing again, he thought, fingers drumming softly on his knee to the steady beat the head phones screamed into his ears in replacement of the sounds of people come and go and come and go. He scrunched his eyes and tried to see, but the frosted window refused to show him if he was right.

He harrumphed and snuggled down further into his seat, choosing to assume that it was. It had snowed all week after all.

( The first snow of the year! the smaller boy had practically yelled at him as he was shoved out of the building and sent out to shiver in the blanket of white cotton balls as his companion laughed and twirled around him, attempting to catch the flakes in his mouth before turning to smile at him, eyes lit up.

Won’t you play with me?

Hyukjae had to wonder why he suddenly felt so warm. )

“Excuse me?” the gravelly voice broke through his thoughts just as he began to remember what happened next, (chilled lips on his, confusion, the muffled sound of rubber against fresh snow) a voice within him asked before it was roughly shoved out of the way so Hyukjae could focus all his attention on the old man smiling benignly down at him.

The old man motioned to the empty window seat and it took a few seconds before Hyukjae realized that he was being asked to do and was just about to shake his head no when he remembered that he was alone today.

(I’ll make up to you tomorrow! he had said and a kiss on the cheek later he was walking away hand in a hand with a not-so-familiar man Hyukjae might have asked directions from once or twice.)

“Sorry.” Hyukhae murmured and moved out of the way.

Prompt: nostalgic numbness
Pairing: Kihae
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Summary: Kibum unwittingly turns on his tv to We Got Married. | 290 words |

Kibum wonders if he should have felt something, anger, jealousy, maybe even regret, the moment he turned the tv on just in time to see Donghae sitting in a car with some pretty woman Kibum didn’t know (didn’t want to know)

He takes a sip from his mug of black coffee and barely winces as the liquid seared down his throat. On-screen Donghae fidgeted and stuttered and goddamned blushed around the woman and Kibum found himself narrowing his eyes.

He has to feels something, he’s sure of it. So he waits, thumb poised over the red power button as he stared at the way the man on the screen’s face bloomed red at a comment from the woman beside him waiting, waiting.

Past Kibum would be calling Past Donghae by now, demanding answers. No, that was wrong. Past Kibum would be at the dorms, unfazed by the show because he would have known of the recording beforehand, would have been watching the show with an arm around Past Donghae laughing at how the smaller man blushed and teasing him till Past Donghae would be red and pouting and Past Kibum would have kissed that pout away, would have-


He looks up and realizes that Donghae’s scene is over, has already been over for several minutes and now they’re in some bowling alley and several other of his band members are there along with more women though Kibum’s eyes are automatically drawn to a pair, heart quaking in his throat.

He turns the tv off and drains the rest of his coffee.

“You don’t feel anything.” He reminded himself quietly, already shuffling into his kitchen, mind on his chiller full of beer.

A/N: That's all I have for now (Mimi OTL the prompt 'Mint and Lilac' is going to be a one-shot instead. Hyukmin, like you requested, but it's going to take a while.) >.< I'm rusty, and I've forgotten how to write.

this thing had italics and all that but it disappeared when I put it here and i'm too lazy to fix it.

(does this mean that i'm back???)

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